April 04, 2008


After studying harmony and composition with the best Argentinean saxophone and clarinet teachers, Ricardo Cavalli obtained in 1995 a scholarship to study Jazz Composition in Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA. There, he meets and studies with Frank Tiberi (Woody Herman Band) and Greg Hopkins. They inspire and encourage him in his career and through their recommendation he receives important scholarships.

Ricardo was invited by Joe Maneri, microtonal music pioneer, to attend the New England Conservatory. He is also accepted in 1996 as a private student by a tenor sax Jazz titan, Jerry Bergonzi.

He was selected by the New York Lake Placid Institute to attend a seminar on composition and orchestral training. There he meets Bob Brookmayer, Jim Mc Neely, Maria Schneider among others.

After working professionally in the New York scene, he returns to Argentina to take part of the most important Jazz bands, being considered by the press as 1999 revelation artist. He wins a contest to teach in a public Music Conservatory. He also teaches both, privately and in a elementary and high school, sax lessons as well as clarinet up to these days.

In year 2000 he is selected by the press as the best saxophone player of the year and his band is considered one of the top five in the Jazz scene of Buenos Aires.

In 2002 his first work as a soloist was declared the best jazz album of the year by the local press (La NaciĆ³n).

Currently, his own band performs music by his own, inspired by Afro-American roots, willing to express the spirit of the great musicians that inspired his style.

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