April 26, 2008


Shukura Zuwena Huggins, better known in the poetry world as Prahduct, and often referred to by family and friends as “Ku”, born June 20, 1988, is a native of Omaha, Nebraska. Born and raised in the heart of the Midwest, Prahduct found her love for writing, very early on, and in particular that love transformed into a passion for poetry. Prahduct began seriously writing her thoughts and ideas in the form of poetry, prose, and song during her freshmen year in high school in 2002. Always marked by creativity, Prahduct added along with her skill in visual arts, the art of written word. Writing, soon led to performance art and an interest in the spoken word movement.

The name Prahduct has several meanings to this young poet, she states “the name Prahduct kind of just stuck.” It started out as an online screen name, productoftha88, and other poets just started calling her “Product.” While making a new account to a blog website she had to alter the spelling in order to avoid a duplication of another screen name. “The name Prahduct is simply a reminder that everything I’m doing is not because I am who I am, but rather because I’m a product of those who’ve come before me and are here right now.”

Prahduct credits her involvement in the spoken word movement to a poetry workshop she attended in high school along with the Alive Poet’s Society, an online interest group that led her to a plethora of poets and writers that constantly encouraged her to continue her writing and expand, and the continued support and encouragement from family and friends. From there she became associated with an online poetry group, Po3tic Voices, moderated by Truth Theory, which uses multiply.com as a venue for spoken word artists to share recorded pieces and written works and also the Spoken Truth network which connects poets and listeners from everywhere through Blog Talk Radio, to involve in progressive talk shows as well as music and poetry as a form of “edutainment”.

Being known as the “quiet kid” Prahduct still finds it unbelievable to know she has found a voice through spoken word poetry and in return has performed at the 30th and 31st Midwest Regional Youth Conference, Black August Omaha 2007, and several other open mic venues. Prahduct has had the great opportunity to work along with poets and artists such as, Truth Theory, Staci Dennis, God’s Gift, and Nique.

Prahduct uses many things as subject matter, her poems usually include an array of word play and metaphoric parallels; she particularly enjoys writing social poems as well as love poems, but feels that it’s good to be able to touch on all aspects of life through poetry because poetry is life and doesn’t have to be done one way. The incorporation of song and poetry is also something Prahduct likes to include in her writing and performance. Blending the rhythms of spoken word and the melodies of song are two ingredients that make a piece enjoyable to perform.

Now, that Prahduct, as she puts it, “has been tied down to this here poetry thing,” she plans to continue to write, perform, and record her art because it is truly something that has proved to be a blessing in her life; allowing self growth, networking opportunities, and a positive impact on listeners. Being tagged the “Prada of Prose”, Prahduct plans to publish her work and continue to hone her skills. Prahduct is currently working on establishing a Poetry Movement with the X Poetry CommUNITY in the Omaha area that will provide a venue for art to be displayed on a continuous basis, providing a place for cultural development and exposure to the Omaha community.

When asked about the relationship between Jazz and Poetry and the importance of each to our culture she responded;

"Jazz and poetry both act as tools that tell a story. They create an image with qualities as simple as the way you say a word or hit a note and that goes on to not only be a word or a sound but a story. Words can be said one way and then said another and two totally different messages are delivered the same exists among jazz. I think both poetry and jazz are very influential as creative, educational, and informative tools that are not only meant to entertain but educate as well which are important in our communities and the contribution to our culture locally and universally."

Most of all Prahduct wants people to know that poetry is universal and that we all play a part in its presence being felt, no matter if we’re performers, writers, supporters, or listeners, the movement is here and WE are the movers and shakers.

PRAHDUCT is what I consider one of the "Young Lionesses" of Poetry. Be on the lookout for more of this fantastic young woman!

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