March 28, 2014


Please join me for a very informative conversation with poetess, writer, vocalist, author, activist and my friend;

 Rebecca "Butterfly" Vaughns
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Butterfly will be performing as part of 
Spotlight On Jazz and Poetry's

May 30 - 31, 2014 right here in 
Philadelphia, Pa.

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March 24, 2014


Rebecca "Butterfly" Vaughns
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Rebecca "Butterfly" Vaughns was born in Miami, FL. Her love for music started at age 5 and she has been married to poetry since the age of ten. There are no words that can explain the passion and love Rebecca has for poetry. She holds Langston Hughes accountable for turning her into a fiend. Rebecca leaves audiences amazed at her ability to freestyle poetry leaving one to think its been inked for awhile. 

She impressed Bruce George ~ Co-Founder of Def Poetry Jam in 2002 at the 2nd Annual Spoken Word Expo held in St. Louis, MS when she came hard from the dome in the midst of a cipher out in the parking lot after an open mic session. Rebecca has tapped many of mics on various stages from elementary schools to high schools to colleges to jails to festivals and is in high demand for weddings, funerals, baby christenings, retirement parties, church galas and everything else in between. 

She's an International Spoken Word Artist with people appreciating her work in Canada, The Bahamas, Jamaica, Belize, Africa, and Argentina just to name a few. She's appeared on internet and mainstream radio as well as underground radio. She's done live broadcasting performances on Haitian and Spanish television locally and has appeared on various radio stations and television in other cities throughout the USA . Her work is supported and loved by the likes of Shang~comedian/ poet, Betty Wright ~ singer/songwriter, Floetry, MC Lyte, Joss Stone, and Robert Townsend just to name a few. Rebecca has truly made a name for herself in the arena of spoken word and poetry since taking the stage May, 1997. Rebecca holds several accolades for her craft to include 2003 Spoken Word Artist of The Year, two slam wins, and her work is featured on compilations in New york, Chicago, and Miami just to name a few as well as appearances in anthologies to include Drumvoices Revue ~ spring,summer, fall 2004 issue with a tribute to Katherine Dunham.

A member of the poetry circuit for 16 years, she's seen the scene change quite a bit. "There was more passion and love, now it's become more of a competition and I guess namely a situation of product," Vaughns said of the new age of poets who turn out CDs faster than they've had time to learn the scene of the beat in their own community. "The hard work and the grinding, we've branded ourselves, but we have these new age kids on open mic, they come and learn the ropes, then get one big gig and it goes to their head...they look at it and see the money side of it, and it's deeper than that," she said.

"I'm out of the box, I perform at funerals, weddings, graduation parties, divorce parties; wherever words are desired, I'm there," Vaughns said. She's even been plucked from the crowd at high profile functions to step in and save the day with her impromptu, freestyle poetry when programming experienced setbacks.

"You have raw talent right here in your backyard...introduce untapped, unheard artists that are right here in the community, and trust me, they're here," she said.

Each month, "Expressions" will feature one male and one female artist who will perform a 20-minute set. A mini open mic will follow with a maximum of five artists, whether singers or poets, who have the opportunity to perform two pieces each. Each month will fluctuate between poets and singers, especially in genres of R&B, jazz, blues, and neo soul.

"The vision is to bring that culture and entertainment vibe back to Overtown like in the era of my mom and the '30s, '40s, and '50s, when the Hampton House was the place to go for good blues, good jazz, and all that kind of stuff," Vaughns said

Rebecca will be performing in Philadelphia, Pa. on May 30 - 31, 2014 as part of Spotlight On Jazz and Poetry's Spring event "JAZZTRONOMIC FEAST" For tickets CLICK HERE

Rebecca "Butterfly" Vaughns has a brand new CD out entitled "POETICALLY SPEAKING"
To visit Butterfly's page on CD Baby CLICK HERE