April 11, 2008


Jaspects, being born during the hip-hop movement, integrates their youthfulness with the maturity of the jazz language. With their interest being the progression of music, they hope to serve as a bridge between the two genres and utilize both art forms for the purpose of innovation and not imitation. Established in February of 2003, Jaspects sole purpose has been to "redefine all aspects of jazz," by bringing jazz back to the forefront of poplar music by introducing it in a way that other generations can understand, appreciate, and digest. As sons of the illustrious ’’’Morehouse College’’’, they also attempt to fuse jazz and hip-hop WITHOUT compromise.

As students of jazz and children of hip-hop, we have been forced to live within two distinct worlds. Our goal is to create and perform music that can be appreciated by aficionados of both genres without compromising the musical integrity of either. We hope to draw hip-hop lovers into the world of jazz and do the same with fans of jazz.

Jaspects strives to merge the worlds of hip-hop and jazz so that listeners can get an exhaustive musical experience that involves TRUE freedom of expression on both ends of the spectrum. The freedom of expression in jazz is obviously linked to musical improvisation and creativity, whereas the freedom of expression in hip-hop is more closely linked to lyrical creativeness. Our aim is to rescue the struggling genre of jazz while breaking down the structural constraints of hip-hop. Jaspects attempts to make music of substance in every sense of the word. We create music that has depth creatively, lyrically, and musically without ostracizing the casual fan of either genre.

Jaspects uses music as an agent for change. Music is the mouthpiece out of which the band interprets and addresses broader ideas about African American society and how to efficiently affect change. In this vein, we make a point to be active in society. Jaspects is about ushering change in the way pioneers such as Miles Davis, James Brown, and Marvin Gaye have. Whether we’re playing at the legendary Bakers’ Keyboard Lounge in Detroit or talking to a group of high schoolers in southwest Atlanta, the message conveyed by our voice is the same, "make your voice through your music mean something to the world at-large."

The band operates out of Atlanta, GA and consists of pianist/music director Terrence Brown (Memphis, TN), bassist Jon-Christopher Sowells (Dallas, TX), drummer Henry C. Conerway III (Detroit, MI), tenor saxophonist D’Wayne Dugger (Queens, NY), alto saxophonist “Sir” Jaye Price (Anniston, AL), and trumpeter James E. King (Stamford, CT). The band has released three independent albums (2005’s “In ‘House’ Sessions", 2006’s "Broadcasting the Definition,” and 2007’s "Double Consciousness”) and conducted three self-promoted tours of the eastern United States.

Most of our fans are what we like to call tastemakers: they are either collegians or are young adults in the professional world who enjoy music of substance and want to be the first to experience an act. They have proved to be loyal with them supporting us in markets such as Detroit, Berea, KY, Connecticut, Knoxville, Memphis, Houston, Dallas, Orange, TX, and Clemson, SC. These fans provide overwhelming support at our average of 90 shows per year. This healthy show schedule is reflective of our dedication to the music, with three-of-six members still in undergrad.
Individually, band members’ works have appeared in the 2005 major motion picture “Hustle & Flow,” on Chamillionaire’s platinum album, “Sound of Revenge,” on Carlos Santana’s latest album, “All That I Am,” with platinum recording artist David Banner, and in the 2005 and 2006 HBCU All-Star Big Band. Collectively, the group has performed for Yolanda Adams, Ted Turner, Gerald Levert, Bilal, and Outkast. After playing for jazz lover Bill Cosby, the band was asked to perform during the Ray Charles Tribute held in Beverly Hills, California, where Samuel L. Jackson, Quincy Jones, and Stevie Wonder among others were in attendance.

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