April 05, 2008


Marea Alta, the very versatile Latin Jazz group, is currently based in the Atlanta Metro Area, Georgia, where it showcases a prime line of innovative musical entertainment. Prior to its establishment in the city of Atlanta, the group had been regularly performing in nightclubs and at many cultural events for the last seven years in the capital of the state of Florida, Tallahassee. Originally, Marea Alta had its headquarters in the Tampa Bay Area during the early 1980s. In 1984 the Marea Alta project achieved popularity overseas when one of its original compositions reached the top ten hit parade in Caracas, Venezuela (position number four for three consecutive weeks and seven months in a row within the Venezuelan musical charts). Presently, Marea Alta features an extensive inventory of original compositions which has seized and engaged the listeners in hundreds of live performances.

The Members of the band are professional musicians who have ample experience in the realms of recording and live performance. The musical style of Marea Alta is categorized as Latin Pop Jazz/Smooth Jazz. Marea Alta incorporates the improvisatory structure of Jazz into a scheme of multiple Latin rhythms and popular melodic arrangements. The end result of this musical blend is characterized by its ability to capture the musical taste of multiple audiences. The tropical and fresh music of the group has been described as a delightful beachfront style, like a cool breeze drifting off a high tide (Marea Alta) onto a warm sunny shoreline. The music of Marea Alta is designed to reach the attentive listener looking for an original and brighter sound. Marea Alta certainly offers a pleasant journey of contemporary rhythms and a fine musical expression.

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