September 02, 2013

Christopher L. Fields

Christopher L. Fields is a Spoken Word Artist out of Washington D.C. His wordplay, passionate delivery and his love for Poetic Expression earned him the moniker of “The Poetry Man”

A natural born Poet, with no formal training, Christopher wrote his first poem when he was 7 years old – An Anniversary gift to his Parents; Charles & Dorothy Fields.

Although he was a shy child, he continued to write, but he didn't share his poems with anyone around him. That all changed the day that his Mother discovered some of Christopher’s Poems hidden away in a box, and told him; “You need to write”.

It would be a few years down the line before Christopher fully embraced the role of Poet, but the rise of “Hip Hop” gave him yet another platform to display his lyrical skills on. Ghost Writing for a friend, until that same friend convinced him to step out of the shadows and stand center stage.

Now armed with the sophisticated elegance of Poetry, and the Raw guttural expression of Hip Hop, Christopher developed his own style of writing and performance. Christopher doesn't recite poetry; he is Poetry - in motion, in the stillness of your heart, in the recesses of your mind and down into the wells of your soul.

Christopher’s strong belief in the power of collective works leads him to coin the phrase:

"WE" are Greater Than "i".

Welcome to The Poetry Man Experience.

Memberships: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

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