March 04, 2009

"Dancing Spirits"

When you ask drummer Henning Stumm where and when he was born, he’ll tell you that there is a short answer and then there is a longer one.

Short: “I was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany on December 30th 1961.”

Long: “I am a very spiritual person and believe in reincarnation so with that in mind I did some research over the years and found the following answer. Of course it is sketchy and somewhat incomplete I stem from a long line of shaman/healers of the old Dahomeyan empire born in what today is Benin, Africa. I know for most people this seems somewhat hard to grasp or take serious for that matter, so I always give both answers and let them decide which answer they prefer. For Henning, he prefers the latter since it gives a more complete picture of who he is today.”

He grew up in a musically very diverse household. So my early influences were Mahalia Jackson, The Hawkins Singers, Harry Belafonte, Beethoven, Wagner, George Benson, Earth Wind & Fire, CCR, Deep Purple and Tom Jones.

When he started playing music his additional early influences became Dexter Gordon, Bach, Modern Jazz Quartet, John Coltrane, Donna Summer, Kool & the Gang, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, the Neville Brothers.

His early influences as a drummer were Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Billy Higgins, Philly Joe Jones, Art Blakey, Alphonse Mouzon, Billy Cobham, Harvey Mason.

I asked Henning what is the relationship between jazz & poetry?

There is a close knit relationship between jazz & poetry that goes way back to its African roots. The Griots used musical accompaniment such as Kora to tell their stories.( this continues today) I don't believe that in its beginnings Jazz was a "marriage" between African and European music’s created here in America. I believe while New Orleans most definitely was the "Birthplace" of Jazz it was still and African Music in its concept. Through the middle passage traditional African instruments had to be left behind. So as Africans sought outlets for their musical expressions they only found "Western European" instruments available, which of course differed in their tuning from the original African instruments. So they applied the African ideals and techniques that they were taught to western instruments creating a unique sound that became known as jazz and blues. They used this music to continue to tell their stories. The stories that Africans told underwent a similar destiny as in the "seasoning" of the slaves their native tongue was publicly not allowed. They began to speak and express themselves in English, Spanish or Creole, eventually creating new stories and techniques but none the less continued the traditions of musically accompaniment.

Of course these art forms continue to reinvent themselves absorbing new "colors" as they become available. So here we are today continuing this tradition with forums and outlets such as your show.

Education 1986 - 1991
• BM Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University

• Worked with artists such as Tommy Turrentine, David Sanchez, Arthur Blythe, Stanton Davis, Walt Maddox, The Marcelles, The Platters, Gerald Wilson, Patti Bowen, Little Eva, Shirly Alston-Reeves, Hugh Browdy, Sir Charles Hughes, Jimmy Preacher Robins, Lili Howard, Joan Faulkner, The Drifters, Giovanni von Essen, eXonda, The Inspirational Choir and E.W. Wainwright Memorial Choir of Shilo Baptist Church Harlem N.Y.

• Jazz Festival Halle, USO Jazz festival Wiesbaden, Stadt Limburg Jazz Fest, Capitol Jazz Festival Washington D.C., Nader's Doo-Whop Show Mohegan Sun CT., Nader's Doo-Whop Festival Cesar's Atlantic City, N.J.

• U.S.A., Japan, Europe, Carribean and Central America

Teaching experience
• Listed in the Modern Drummer's International Drum Instructors Directory
• Choir Acadamy of Harlem (Boys Choir of Harlem)
• Mobil Music Instructors New Jersey
• Newark Community School of the Arts
• Jazz & Rock Schule Freiburg, Germany
• Waggong Frankfurt, Germany
• Teaches privately students of all ages.

Radio & TV
WUSB 90.1FM Stony Brook University Radio,Telethon 2006" Telecare(Cablevision NY), German TV HR3 "Bartholomeus Markt", German Radio SWF3 Newcomer competition, Channel 9 News Capitol Jazz Festival, German TV HR3 "Kulturkalender" , WHCR 90.0 FM N.Y. "The world of music, the world of jazz", German Radio HR4 "Lokalblueten"

• "Essentially Me" Giovanni von Essen (Tierra Records)
• "crazy quilt" Isao Suzuki
• "essence of Life" Sistah Maryiam
• "As the Story Unfolds" - Henning Stumm & the 137th street posse (Tierra Records)
• "New York Narrarions" - Henning Stumm's Jazzfoce (Tierra Records)
• "CHABAK" - Chabak (voyage music)

A faith full soldier of life prophecies, Marie Grady, also known as "LyriQ",
Often dwells in her parallel reality... POETRY. The insatiable passion for
Her craft did not truly arise until later in adulthood. Once LyriQ embraced
The knowledge that words were an extenuation of her spirit and a life preserver for her soul, she yielded to its phenomenal power. Now, a hard-working single mother of two lovely ladies, 18 and 8, she views each new day as an opportunity to share her God-given gift with those hungry…for healing, compassion, inspiration, or simply a necessary diversion from LIFE. LyriQ understands that the messages delivered through her, are not from her, but rather the manifestation of tuning into to a live broadcast of vibes floating in the air. A lyrical disciple tried and true, LyriQ will live and die by the pen.

Completed Works:

My Piece Be With You (book of poetry - sold over 510 copies)

Works in Progress:
Eye of Thee…Behold Her (2nd book of poetry)

In the final stages of working on a romance novel

Associate in Humanities; Bachelors in Psychology

Other Hobbies:

Sketching, singing, graphics designing, salsa dancing, bowling, shooting pool, and hosting a blogtalk radio show at

What is the relationship between jazz and poetry and what is the importance
Of each to our culture? Both jazz and poetry are soulful expressions of innermost emotions....passions...joys...pains. Jazz has been around for so long that it is embedded within the very core of our thought system and beliefs. Rhythm and blues expressed through music without words.
Poetry, provides those intricate details and reflections that most don't
think about normally. I like to think of it as the verbal essence of life

When Jazz engages poetry, a heartfelt story is often revealed that will
Invoke an abundance of idle emotions without contemplation of their source.
Both jazz and poetry have their own distinct flavors, but together, you can
Truly savor the bounty of their purpose in our world.

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