May 08, 2008



Mandika, born and raised in Knoxville, Tenn., has always been a poet even when it wasn’t an official title. She began writing poetry at a very young age and didn’t pick up a pen to write again until five years ago and she hasn’t looked back. She feels it’s liberating to write poetry, even more so to speak it. “To speak what rests on your mind and heart is one of the greatest gifts God gave us.” She says. “We were meant to be his vessel and share his message as an act of love for him.” This is what Mandika does with poetry and spoken word. She’s a vessel of his love.

Mandika Flow, is a jazz enthusiast, writes it, eats it and speaks it with every opportunity she has. her favorite artists are Miles Davis first, Jeff Bradshaw and Roy Hargrove. Favorite jazz vocalist, Al Jarreau, Maysa and Martine Girault but I have so many.

Mandika’s poetry has an affinity toward the spiritual realm. She feels that every one should learn and examine the higher being. In her case, a being Supreme over human beings She says, “It’s clear to me and the track record speak that we need guidance and don’t know what the heck we are doing.”

Mandika is warm and loving with people in general if they allow her, if not she’s all about hers and keeps it moving. The mortal heroes in her life are her Mother, her queen and her precious and beautiful, seventeen year old niece whom is beyond her years, intelligent and the sweetest young thing you could ever meet. She would be considered handicapped as she is sight impaired but if you met her you would see and understand differently.

"Being a poet is rewarding in that people gravitate toward you and feels your spirit, primarily because it appeals to a trait or quality in them." she says "I’ve received enough accolades in the manner of certificates, trophies, merits but the biggest reward is in being able to write in a way that makes anything translate into something special that everyone can relate to." Mandika has a collection of poetry books/short stories featured on:

As a spoken word artist she’s not especially fond of her tonal quality however, it bears a certain soulful, honesty and expressiveness that everyone who hears her would agree is truly special. Mandika is a member of the Poetic Voices family whom she credits with helping her to develop that voice. "Thank you Truth Theory, you really are the truth. Also, a special thanks to Ms. Safiyyah Amina Muhammad and Ms. Lovely Brown for being Sistah’s among Sisters. I got nothing but love for you."


Lovely said...
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Lovely said...

You are so loved by me Dika... you are so loved by me (smiles. I truly enjoyed your show which felt like I had a front row seat at The Kennedy Center - an honor.
My heart goes out to you in so many ways.
A sister you are of mine and I thank you for your love, support friendship and allowing me to share this space (in our lifetime) knowing you.
Your show is exquisitely divine in its most purest form.
Also, I will be purchasing your book collections as well.

With love always, your Sis,
Lovely Brown

Amina1389 said...

The love that you send to me, transcends to me and flows through me right back to you my dear sister. You are loved beyond measure and so highly respected as a woman, a poet-ess, a sister-friend and a soulful spirit. Keep strivin & keep thrivin, so your Sistah can ride the wind beneath your wings. Love always. ~Safiyyah~